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This a list of the most common problems and solutions on eneaa's Themes.

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What is TimThumb Script?

TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes images. You give it a bunch of parameters, and it spits out a thumbnail image that you can display on your site.

TimThumb Site.

So this PHP script is used to display the images in several areas of the Themes, for example, Portfolio Images or Blog Posts Images.

For TimThumb to work your server needs a few things. In most hosting this setting came by default but in other hosting not and that's way you don't se your images.

Here are the steps to solve this problem…

Step 1 obvious errors

You need to check that your images name don't have any strange character.

Wrong names:

  • my name images.jpg
  • my_náme_imagçeé_something.jpg
  • my_name€_image©.jpg


  • mynameimages.jpg
  • my_name_image_something.jpg

Also your images needs to be JPG or PNG, and try to don't use image bigger than 1500px

Step 2 Requirements

For TimThumb to work your web server should support the PHP programming language and the GD image library. In all the time I have been using TimThumb I have yet to find a server it wouldn't work on, so there's a pretty good chance that TimThumb will work on your server.

In addition you need to set file permissions to 775 for two directories. These folders are:

  • theme-folder/framework/cache
  • theme-folder/framework/temp

Fore example:

  • blacklabel/framework/cache
  • blacklabel/framework/temp

You can change File Permissions with a FTP Client like Filezilla or Transmit. This is how it looks when you change the permissions:

File Permissions

Important Make sure that the files within these two folders also have this permissions

If after this you still can't see your images try using 777 or 755. Because some Servers don't work with 775

Step 3 Replacing the Script

For most people the Steps 1 and 2 solve their problems, but if you still can't see your images try replacing the TimThumb Script in this location:

  • theme-folder/framework/timthumb.php

For this one: TimThumb

Step 4 I see you are difficult :)

If you are here is probably because your Server doesn't allow TimThumb. Some Hosting block TimThumb by default or they don't have GD library activated and you need to ask to your WebHost to enable it.

Also you can check the Troubleshooting on the official TimThumb site: Troubleshooting

Info If you are using WordPress Multisite: How to Make TimThumb Work With WordPress Multisite

Info If you are using CDN: How to use TimThumb With a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Info If you hosting is HostGator you have to contact them: TimThumb basics from HostGator

If your Background Video is not working, the most common reason is that you don't have uploaded the "jwplayer" folder.

How to upload the "jwplayer" folder is explained in the Documentation of your Theme.

You can download the "jwplayer" folder from here: JWPlayer or from the official site

Maybe you see this loading circle don't go away:

Loading Circle

To solve this try uploading a new Slider Item with an image.

New SLider Item

If this doesn't work create a new Topic in the Support Forum with your URL, because probably is a Javascript error.

For some users when they pause the Fullscreen Video see this:

Share Page

To solve this, replace your "jwplayer" folder for this one: JWPlayer.

The folder is the one you uploaded here:


A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error

This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly.

Find the solution in this article from the Envato Wiki: Solving Broken Theme Issues

There is no default or ideal size for images as fullscreen background, It all depends on what you want.

If you want better quality you have to use bigger images, like 1500x840px or more. But you will get a page to load slower, because the images are heavier in MB.

Also you can use smaller images, like 900x500px and get faster load times in your site.

About proportions, the best thing here is to go for a 16:9 ratio. This is the proportion in Full HD monitors, but the images are going to be cropped anyway because the Theme adjusts them to the size of the window.

But you can choose any proportion and see how it fits your design. It's a matter of try and see what works best on your site.

You can not avoid the image being cut because the Browser window or the screen can be any size, and some users will see your site in a Desktop computer, other in a laptop, etc.

But with a 16:9 proportion I think you are safe in most cases.

Info This subject was also discussed in the support forum : image sizing.